Attention: CEOs, Professional Golfers and Sales Managers-
Increase Your Performance With Awareness Coaching

If you have a strong desire to increase your performance and be more successful, contact mental trainer and author Michael Anthony to be your Personal Awareness Coach. Michael's mental insights will increase your awareness and ability to succeed.

Your brain secretes chemicals corresponding to your thoughts and emotions that affect your performance, creativity, health, energy, electromagnetic field, and everything about you. When you are negative you are not only wasting valuable time on negative self-talk, you are lowering your brains chemistry which takes away from your natural ability to think, analyse, reason, create, and perform at much higher levels. By increasing your awareness of how your mind functions and processes information, you greatly increase your ability to succeed in all of your endeavors.

Olympians have used Michael's mental insights to win Gold and Silver Medals in the Olympics. Thousands of golfers are using them to lower their score. His powerful sales book is helping salespeople to increase their sales. Now, you have the opportunity to have Michael personally increase your cognitive abilities and success.

“Michael, I have your (mental keys golf) book and have been working hard on all of your principles you talk about. I can say that you relate better to me than any of the other Psychologists and books I have read on the mental aspect of life/golf.

“That means--Deborah Graham/Jon Stabler--who are good friends of mine, Chuck Hogan, Bob Rotella, Norman Vincent Peale, Maxwell Maltz, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Robert Coop, Guy Fasciana, James Allen, Ben Hogan, Og Mandino, Patrick Cohen, Robert Winters, Johnny Revolta, William James, Napoleon Hill, etc....

“Not that all those people didn't help me arrive at where I'm at, but you have a way of saying things that one can actually put into practice. Thank you!!!!”

- Todd Sandow, PGA, Professional/Golf Course Owner

"No question, this is a 5 star book. I have been in B2B sales for over thirty years, I read a lot of books just once. But,this book, 'The Mental Keys For Success In Sales' is different, I have read it three times in the last couple of months.

Every time I read it , I get more awareness out of it. This is a book that takes you to the next level and is a book that really teaches you how to think. It has taken me to a new level of awareness of the never ending need for mental training for my greater success.

- Tom Bagel, Account Executive at Capital Contractors, Inc

"Michael is an amazing writer and motivator. There is a common theme to all his books which I enjoy, indirect reflections upon how we each see "the world". Whether that "world" be Sales, Happiness, Golf, etc. Michael hones in on the subject by showing the reader how first to read themselves.

- Mark Lipski, Human Mining Engineer and Humane Educator

You can have access to these same secrets and increase your awareness by using The Mental Keys Training Program revealed in Michael's books. Besides business, sales and golf, this mental training program makes everything in your life much easier and more successful by eliminating your negative self-talk that is lowering your brains chemistry and decreasing your natural abilities. Even if you are a super positive person like the Olympians that Michael has helped, you still have negative thoughts that will continue to repeat and adversely affect your performance unless you train your mind to think differently.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

- Albert Einstein

"Hi Michael, I am soooo thrilled right now...I'm going to relish in the moment for a few days for sure! I am just so pleased with the effort and getting the full card like I wanted. (Nancy had just qualified for the LPGA Tour).

"I truly felt that my phone conversation with you was a major benefit. It helped to clear my mind and get a few mental issues off my chest, so to speak. You were a great sounding board and I needed to feel as though somebody was listening.

"I would definitely give your mental keys book the thumbs up; I believe the information in the book, as well as the discussion on the phone, all contributed to the good mindset I had at Q school. I felt a level of calm and comfort that I previousy hadn't felt. I continue to work on the mental side of the game as I feel it is the most crucial part to playing well consistently."

"Thenk again. Nancy"

- Nancy Harvey, former LPGA Tour

Whether you are a CEO, sales professional or professional golfer reading Michael's books The Mental Keys For Success In Sales or The Mental Keys To Improve Your Golf will give you valuable insights into what goes into creating a great mental game as well as a step-by-step explanation of how to increase your success for business, sales, golf, and life.

If you dare to dream big and have a strong desire to increase your awareness and cognitive abilities to perform a your highest level, here is your opportunity to retain Michael's Personal Awareness Coaching services. Michael only works with powerful individuals who are passionate about living their dreams and making a positive difference in the world. During these sessions Michael will fine-tune your understanding of The Mental Keys Training Program explained in his books and help you achieve your dreams whatever they may be.

To see if it makes sense for us to work together, I am open to giving you an exploratory two-hour deep coaching session via Zoom to see what your goals are, why you desire them, what limiting beliefs are holding you back, and how committed you are to achieving your dreams. My fee for the two-hour exploratory session is only $1,000 payable in advance.

In return I request that you have a burning desire to succeed, an open mind, and be totally honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Plus, before scheduling an exploratory coaching session with me, read my books to get familiar with The Mental Keys Training Program. 

After our two-hour exploratory session you can decide if you want to retain my services according to the following terms below. Since I prefer to limit my personal coaching to only three powerful clients per month, feel free to give me a firm no, or a Hell Yes count me in.

The fee to retain my Personal Awareness Coaching is US4,000 for One Month or US 10,000 for Three Months. Should we decide to work together, we will set up a mutually convenient schedule of one meeting once a week during the one or three month retainer.

The retainer is payable in advance via credit card through PayPal's secured server. (You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.) After the initial session via Zoom, sessions are conducted via Zoom or phone. Click here for a free Zoom account if you need one. Available days and times for your exploratory deep coaching session are Monday and Wednesday at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm Pacific Time.

To get started email now to arrange for a mutually convenient time to schedule your exploratory coaching session with Michael.

Awareness Coaching Retainer

Thank you for retaining Michael Anthony's Personal Awareness Coaching services.