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in Business, Sports, and Life With The Mental Keys Training

In today’s competitive society, your mindset many times is the difference between winning and losing!  You must understand what steps to take to develop and maintain the right “mindset” to eliminate self-doubt and increase your self-confidence necessary to succeed and win.

If you have a strong desire to increase your performance to be more successful in golf, sports, and life as well as increase your chances of winning and being more successful in all of your endeavors, contact Author and Mental Trainer Michael Anthony to be your Mentor and Personal Mental Coach. The profound mental insights revealed in Michael's The Mental Keys Training Program will increase your awareness and ability to succeed. His personal insights into your emotional and behavioral makeup will take you to an entire new level.

Olympians have used Michael's mental insights to win Gold and Silver Medals in the Olympics. Thousands of golfers are using them to lower their score. His powerful sales book is helping salespeople to increase their sales. His Happy Book has improved and changed many lives. Recently, Pierre Puisset, a French golfer, who Michael is helping to qualify for the PGA European Tour asked him why don't they teach The Mental Keys to kids. That's a great question. If you invest in your children's future today and teach them The Mental Keys, they may reward you by saving you thousands of dollars in college tuition by winning a scholarship. Plus, they will give you much joy and happiness knowing that you helped raise ethical and productive members of society.

Your brain secretes chemicals corresponding to your thoughts and emotions that affect your performance, creativity, health, energy, electromagnetic field, and everything about you. When you are negative you are not only wasting valuable time on negative self-talk, you are lowering your brains chemistry which takes away from your natural ability to think, analyse, reason, create, and perform at much higher levels. By increasing your awareness of how your mind functions and processes information, you greatly increase your ability to succeed in all of your endeavors as well as teach your children how to live successful and happy lives. Plus, it may keep them from using drugs and keep them out of trouble.

“Michael, I have your (mental keys golf) book and have been working hard on all of your principles you talk about. I can say that you relate better to me than any of the other Psychologists and books I have read on the mental aspect of life/golf.

“That means--Deborah Graham/Jon Stabler--who are good friends of mine, Chuck Hogan, Bob Rotella, Norman Vincent Peale, Maxwell Maltz, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Robert Coop, Guy Fasciana, James Allen, Ben Hogan, Og Mandino, Patrick Cohen, Robert Winters, Johnny Revolta, William James, Napoleon Hill, etc....

“Not that all those people didn't help me arrive at where I'm at, but you have a way of saying things that one can actually put into practice. Thank you!!!!”

- Todd Sandow, PGA, Professional/Golf Course Owner

"No question, this is a 5 star book. I have been in B2B sales for over thirty years, I read a lot of books just once. But,this book, 'The Mental Keys For Success In Sales' is different, I have read it three times in the last couple of months.

Every time I read it , I get more awareness out of it. This is a book that takes you to the next level and is a book that really teaches you how to think. It has taken me to a new level of awareness of the never ending need for mental training for my greater success.

- Tom Bagel, Account Executive at Capital Contractors, Inc

"Michael is an amazing writer and motivator. There is a common theme to all his books which I enjoy, indirect reflections upon how we each see "the world". Whether that "world" be Sales, Happiness, Golf, etc. Michael hones in on the subject by showing the reader how first to read themselves.

- Mark Lipski, Human Mining Engineer and Humane Educator

"I have just finished reading your "Happy Book" and have been living the (eight words) for the past 2 weeks! Your book has helped me tremendously and I have been much happier!

"I have/had been suffering from depression for the past 5 years... and it feels like the cloud is finally lifting! Thanks!"

- Todd

"I have now had the chance to read completely "How to Be Happy and Have Fun Changing the World" all the way through. No doubt I will reread it often. It truly is a transformational book. Thank you."

- Dennis Duffy

"Your book is fantastic and very inspiring. I work as a personal development trainer and employment coach, helping people move forward in their lives and realize their potential.

"Your book speaks every ounce of truth. You have done a very wonderful thing writing this. If you change one persons life that is an amazing thing, and you are changing many. Well done."

- Gemma

"My wife & I read & study your Happy Book each night with our children, I feel there is no better way to prepare my children for life's adventures. Thanks to you my kids have a hand book for life."

- Brad

"Your book has meant so much to me. Your "plan" is easy to live by and I can really feel my approach to this life getting completely overhauled with each passing day."

- Brenna

"Thank you for writing such a wonderful book full of practical, soul lifting advices. The beauty of the book is that it is written in a very simple and straight forward way. When I read the book I felt like a father is giving advice to his children -:) Now that I finished the book I wish to read it again and again till it will become my second nature."

- Munawara

"I found your book to be such an easy book to read and so inspirational. It summarizes the main points of The Secret, The Power of Intention and so many other books in a very simplistic way and makes it easy to put the message into practice. Thank you for sharing your life lessons in the Happy Book. I wish there was a part 2."

- Brenda

Now, you can have access to these same secrets and increase your awareness by using The Mental Keys Training Program revealed in Michael's books. Besides business, sales and golf (all sports), this mental training program makes everything in your life much easier and more successful by eliminating your negative self-talk that is lowering your brains chemistry and decreasing your natural abilities. Even if you are a super positive person like the Olympians that Michael has helped, you still have negative thoughts that will continue to repeat and adversely affect your performance unless you train your mind to think differently. Can you even begin to imagine all of the positive life benefits you will experience by knowing how to eliminate fear and negativity from your life, especially when the chips are down.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

- Albert Einstein

"Hi Michael, I am soooo thrilled right now...I'm going to relish in the moment for a few days for sure! I am just so pleased with the effort and getting the full card like I wanted. (Nancy had just qualified for the LPGA Tour).

"I truly felt that my phone conversation with you was a major benefit. It helped to clear my mind and get a few mental issues off my chest, so to speak. You were a great sounding board and I needed to feel as though somebody was listening.

"I would definitely give your mental keys book the thumbs up; I believe the information in the book, as well as the discussion on the phone, all contributed to the good mindset I had at Q school. I felt a level of calm and comfort that I previousy hadn't felt. I continue to work on the mental side of the game as I feel it is the most crucial part to playing well consistently."

"Thenk again. Nancy"

- Nancy Harvey, former LPGA Tour

You will learn much from reading my books about what goes into creating a great mental game and changing past negative patterns to increase your success. My books are published through Amazon at  However, my personal sessions will take your awareness to a whole new level of understanding of how your emotions affect your performance and how your mind is programed to have you repeat your past negative thinking and mistakes. The biggest mental key to fully understand is that you cannot change your mind by using your mind because your mind is programmed to have you repeat your past and it knows all of your strengths and weaknesses that it uses against you to keep you where you are. That is why change is so difficult. Now you know why it is so hard to change. Fortunately, you can change if you have a strong desire and go for it. My personal training sessions will help keep you honest and expose negative emotions and mental blocks that may be holding you back and give you the secret key how to train your mind to increase your success.  My personal consultations help you to fully understand and relate to the insights revealed in The Mental Keys Training Program. 

Here is your opportunity to retain Michael's Personal Awareness Coaching services for yourself. There are 3 prerequisites required to benefit from The Mental Keys training sessions: 1) a strong desire to improve, 2) an open mind to new ideas, and 3) total self-honesty. During these sessions Michael will fine-tune your understanding of The Mental Keys Training Program explained in his books and help you achieve your dreams whatever they may be as long as they are ethical.

If you are interested in retaining Michael Anthony's Mental Training Services to increase your success, my program's delivery and fees are as follows and are subject to being changed or increased as the demand on my time increases:

  1. My program is delivered; online via Zoom, over the phone via Whats app, or in person in the Lamorinda San Francisco East Bay Area (location and time are to be agreed upon scheduling) as follows:
  2. Their is an introductory session that averages about 2 hours where I explain the key components of The Mental Keys (TMK) and relate them to your individual past life experiences. The introductory session's investment is $250.00.
  3. To increase your and my success rate, there are two mandatory follow-up sessions to review The Mental Keys and to see how closely you adhered to the components of TMK. You will be able to ask personal questions to learn how you can adjust your emotions and behavior to be in line with TMK. The follow-up sessions average 1 hour each and the investment is $200.00 per session.
  4. Beginners Package: There is a minimum $650 investment for the introductory session and the 2 mandatory follow-up sessions paid in advance.
  5. Additional Follow-ups: When my time is available, if you desire future follow-up sessions are $200 paid in advance when scheduled.
  6. Once the date, time and location of a session has be agreed upon and scheduled, payment is due.  Since my time is limited, if you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, 48 hours notice is required to reschedule your appointment or you will forfeit your payment.


To retain my services call or text me at (925) 786-2262 now to arrange for a mutually convenient time and place to schedule your coaching session with Michael Anthony. Since I'm not always in my office or at my computer, texting me and leaving me your name and cell phone number with the best time to reach you is the best way for us to schedule a time to get together.  When you are ready, you can pay for the $650 Beginners Package by paypal or credit card by clicking the Pay Now button below. If you are interested, call me and let's schedule a session. Thanks, I look forward to helping increase your success...Michael Anthony

Thank you for your interest in retaining Michael Anthony's Personal Awareness Coaching services.

"In a field with many self proclaimed experts, Michael is the real deal. He's got it, he communicates it well, and he will help your performance as he helped me. I know of no one better in his field.

“We adopted ‘The Mental Keys’ for our Psychology of Golf class.  I have never had so many good comments on a book.  Aspiring golf professionals at our school are passing their PGA Playability Test as a result of what they learned in the class through the study and application of your book.

“I would certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to improve their golf game.”

- Kent Brown, Former Director, Professional Golfers Career College, Temecula, CA

"What you explained in two hours took me over twenty years to learn."

- Linda Vollstedt, Former Women's Golf Coach ASU, Record Six NCAA Golf Championships

“As an editor of a golf publication, I have to say that your Mental Keys book is one of the best self-help products that I’ve ever come across.  Great job!

- Paul Daly, Editor,